Welcome to Josko

Established in 1960 as Scheuringer Joinery, Josko has developed into a leading Austrian company that has gone from strength to strength. Here's why? Because of our vision to invest in the future: in innovative products, pioneering production technology and in outstanding employees and partners. We are continuing on this path

After all, our customers also benefit from this vision: 
Through the continuous development of innovative solutions. Through competent advice and excellent service from our local Josko partners. And from knowing that warranties, service and spare parts are guaranteed even after many years.

Our Josko Story

Take a look in Josko's history book where we start a new chapter. All those almost 60 years were characterised by 4 values: autonomy, quality, innovative strength and continuity.



Josko is a full-range supplier of windows, exterior doors, interior doors and all-glass systems. Josko has pursued clear objectives since 1960: best product quality and the highest demands in terms of design and innovation. Many of Josko's ideas have already been adopted throughout Europe. As the saying goes: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Nevertheless, there can be only one original.


A newly built house or conversion is the biggest investment of their lives for most people. One of the most important decisions concerns the choice windows and doors, which represent around ten per cent of the total sum invested in a house. Windows make an important contribution to security, they show the house to the outside world and inside they ensure a comfortable, attractive living environment. That's why it's always important have the right partner when choosing windows and doors.


Josko has been designing and manufacturing windows and doors for 50 years and has always been at the cutting edge edge in terms of quality, technology and design. We maintain this high level through a consistent development process that combines experience and innovation. As a result, Josko is one of the strongest brands in the Austrian window and door market. And as success knows no boundaries, Josko is also already very successful in Bavaria, the Czech Republic and Hungary.


Vision as a self-expectation.
"Everyone has a right to intelligent windows and doors": This begins with the choice of suppliers and partners and also includes our leading ecological position, which reflects our recycling management principles.

Vision as a standard of quality.
At Josko, our philosophy is to do everything we can to make the good things even better. HOW and WHY we do what we do: We make windows and doors as if they were for our own use.

Vision as a perspective. 
For product – advice – encounter – corporate culture: We focus on the quality of human relationships because this is fundamental to fulfilling our high self-expectations in every area in which we are active

Vision as an attitude. 
We want to empower people to make vision-based decisions in projects: employees, business partners, as well as customers who trust the Josko quality.

Numbers and figures

Total turnover in 2016: €132.7 million
of which, export: 20%

Turnover for windows and all-glass systems: 74%
Turnover for exterior doors: 12%
Turnover for interior doors: 8%
Additional products: 6%

Josko has a 10.7% share of the Austrian market for windows and doors and is the market leader for wood/aluminium windows, with a market share of 16.1%.

Core markets: Austria, Southern Germany
Developing and export markets: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Northern Italy, USA


The management board consists of Johann Scheuringer (Chief Executive Officer and Owner) , Thomas Litzlbauer (Chief Financial Officer) and Stefan Wagner (Chief Sales Officer). 


Josko demonstrates its broad-based commitment through its technological lead in the window and door markets, its pioneering role in climate protection and its innovative ideas on occupational health. This commitment has made Josko a market leader in wood/aluminium windows in Austria and the company has received many awards from prestigious institutions. The prestigeous Red Dot was awarded 4 times, one in each product category.

Josko Academy

Josko's innovative training programme includes different modules from Juniors to management and partners. The individual programmes at the Josko.Akademie support everyone associated with Josko. Inside and outside the company. Josko.Akademie links internal training and external seminars. As well as professional qualifications, the focus is also on personal development.

Becoming Josko Partner

Take a look at our values and principles, how we define a fair and successful partnership. Our valuable, unique products are demanded all over the world. It's up to you to become part of our vision.



If you want to have vision, you have to think in generations. This is why we take sustainable production as a given at Josko. Josko obtains most of the wood for its windows from sustainable, domestic forests to ensure short transport routes. The PVC for our windows is manufactured with no lead or cadmium. That's not only good for the environment. Our uPVC windows also ensure a good, healthy indoor climate even in bedrooms. All waste from wood, PVC and aluminium production is either reprocessed or recycled. For example, our company biomass power plant at the Kopfing site is fired with wood waste from window production. Consequently, part of the company's electricity needs is provided by renewable raw materials.

We also set standards with regard to transport: We use 2 electric cars for trips between Andorf and Kopfing.

And speaking of transport: The commute to work should be as short as possible to keep environmental impact to a minimum. Josko creates jobs in economically underdeveloped regions, trains skilled workers and saves long journeys to work. That's also a contribution towards environmental protection.

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