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You are looking for the most beautiful transition to your patio or your balcony? At Josko, there are no limits to what you can do with a variety of possibilities. Depending on the space situation, overall architecture and budget, Josko has the ideal solution ready for you, which can also be adapted to your requirements in terms of size, glazing and colours.

We distinguish between patio doors and lift-and-slide doors. No matter which solution you choose, with these features any options is a winner:

Your advantages

  • especially slim, elegant frame 
  • various materials and systems with the same exterior design 
  • versatile design options in terms of colours and surfaces
  • Integration into large fixed glazings 
  • identical handle series for windows, patio doors, building and interior doors as well as lift-and-slide doors 
  • barrier-free threshold


Patio door = balcony door

Simply put, for us at Josko, patio doors are floor-to-ceiling windows with turn/tilt function. Often these are also referred to as balcony doors or window doors. These terms are synonyms. Of course, you have the same options that you are used when it comes to windows. Here Josko also makes it possible for you:

  • The fixed part coupling with flush-integration
  • 2-leaf model possible
  • Wood/aluminium, PVC/aluminium, wood or PVC
  • to mix PVC/aluminium and wood/aluminium according to the Smart Mix principle
  • to achieve harmonious colour matching with doors and floors for wood material
Lift-and-slide doors

Lift-and-slide doors also allow for a spacious transition to the patio. They differ from the already mentioned patio doors especially with respect to opening mechanism and fitting. Especially in the field of all-glass systems and lift-and-slide doors, Josko is a pioneer in its strengths and continues to set new standards that remain unparalleled in the industry. We often refer to these beautiful large-surface glazings as the premier league of windows.

Parallel to our different window systems and materials, our lift-and-slide doors are also available in a variety of designs, materials and price ranges. Here, we distinguish the completely frameless system FixFrame as a high-end version as well as Platin Blue and Safir Blue in wood/aluminium or PVC/aluminium with a particularly narrow frame.

Patio door & balcony door
frequent questions

On the one hand, the decisive factor here is the question of the right frame material - e.g. wood, wood/aluminium, PVC, or PVC/aluminium. On the other hand, the opening mechanism of a balcony door plays an important role. Do you prefer, for example, an outward-opening patio door? Depending on the application, either a lift-and-slide door or a turn/tilt door can fit better into your living concept. However, questions regarding accessibility, safety features and options for insect protection are also decisive. Your Josko partner will gladly assist you in choosing the right patio door.

Accessibility is not just an issue of concern for people with physical disabilities. Even for children and seniors, a threshold can be a real stumbling block. Thanks to the so-called Isostep threshold, the transition from the inside to the outside can be made barrier-free. Josko offers this solution for lift-and-slide doors, entrance doors, side entrance doors as well as patio doors. 

An insect or mosquito net protects against mosquitoes, flies and even pollen in summer. Depending on the area of application, a rotating, swivel or an insect screen frame can be used. These solutions can be fixed unobtrusively on balcony doors and lift-and-slide doors from Josko.

The installation of a balcony or patio door is similar to windows. However, even more fine-tuning work is required here so that everything is in the balance and the wings of the patio door close properly. Pay particular attention to the external sealing and to the placing at the level of the upper floor edge. While particular attention should be paid to windowsill connections when installing windows, the threshold on a patio door plays a decisive role. Our tip: It pays to rely on certified installers when installing a patio door.

The sash brushes against the frame, the handle can not be brought into a vertical locking position? In such a case, you can adjust a patio door yourself. This video shows how it works.

Just like in a car, windows or doors need regular maintenance. For example, the fittings should be oiled and greased once a year. In the Josko Service Pass, you will find information on how to adjust your window or your patio door yourself, as well as everything important for the warranty, installation and care of Josko windows and doors. If you would rather have your patio door adjusted by a specialist, simply ask your Josko partner for a maintenance contract.

Josko produces a patio door according to the specific wishes of the customer. Materials, colours and finishes, handles, sprouts, a combination with fixed parts and sun protection solutions - all these factors affect the price of the patio door. The Josko sales partner in your area will gladly prepare an individual offer for you.

Windows and doors are common weak points when it comes to home security. Not infrequently, a burglar breaks into an apartment through an unsecured patio door. At Josko, an EH safety lock part with mushroom head pins ensures that a patio door cannot be easily levered out.

For a surcharge, a patio door can be equipped with the Quadro Safe security packages, RC2 burglar resistance or SH1 burglar resistance. Depending on the security package, additional features such as anti-drill protection, handles with locking cylinders, anti-burglar glass, special screws and glued glass can be used

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